about the shop


    Thank you for checking me out. My name is Alex. I have been servicing all kinds of motorcycles and all terrain vehicles for over twenty years. I started my career at a dealership and never liked their business model, so I opened my own shop where I could take my time and put in the extra effort for quality service.


Many mechanics use crimp connectors for quick installs. I prefer to solder and use heat shrink tubing. It takes a little longer, but my electrical work will never fail. I take the time to route wires away from wear points and keep them hidden or dressed so your ride lasts longer and looks better.


I do not have a lot of overhead to pass on to my customers. I prefer to bill by the job and not the time it takes. You are less likely to have your wallet startled that way.


All makes and models are welcome. Please note that for vehicles decades ago, parts may not be available. That is not a show stopper though. There may be a make it work solution we can find together.

I do not limit myself to just recreational vehicles. I am happy to wire up or fix a weld on your trailer. My shop isn’t setup for deep automotive work, but you can bring it by. I’m happy to replace bulbs, install stereos, install LED headlights or weld a bumper mount.